The #iwill campaign is a UK-wide campaign, set up in November 2013 by its coordinating charity Step Up to Serve, which seeks to increase participation in social action by young people aged 10-20.

Social action is defined as volunteering, campaigning or fundraising. Its goal is to increase the numbers of young people engaged in social action by 50% by 2020, meaning that 60% of all young people would be regularly engaging in social action by that time.

Why Youth Social Action makes sense!

What is High Quality Social Action?

Research suggests that high quality activities will meet six principles including:

  • Be youth-led
  • Be challenging
  • Have social impact
  • Allow progression to other opportunities
  • Be embedded in a young person’s life
  • Enable reflection about the value of the activity

The higher the quality of the social action, the more likely it is to benefit both the young people involved and the communities or causes they are trying to help.

Primary Schools engaged in our #iWill Programme

We currently work with four primary schools in the L4, L5 and L6 postcode area, with the intention of expanding our delivery this year!

Secondary Schools engaged in our #iWill Programme

North Liverpool Academy, Alsop High, De La Salle Academy, Archbishop Beck High and St Francis Assisi are the first high schools in the Liverpool City Region to engage in our #iWill programme, with each school group enjoying a variety of sessions and projects addressing key social issues such as; Homelessness, environmental waste and plastic reduction!