Respect 4 All - Premier League & BT Disability

Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) & Autism

Our SLD sessions are adapted from mainstream sports activities to suit needs on a personalised basis. We always permit a high coach to player ratio and actively pursue new and improved ways of making sessions accessible to all learning difficulties.

Physical & Neurological (PAN)

Neurological conditions or injuries can affect the way a person thinks, reasons, makes decisions and solves problems. It can also have an impact on attention and memory.

Our PAN football provision includes weekly training with competitive elements against other PAN Clubs, including provision for high functional participants.

Impairment Specific

Our sessions are structured to support the abilities of the players involved. This includes a consistent pattern of warm up, train, break, small-sided games and finish with penalty kicks.

Visual Impairments (VI)

Our VI.sessions permit the use of adapted equipment, built specifically to suit the needs of people partially sighted and blind people. This includes extra sessions for participants with VI impairments, but also additional needs.

Our VI Football sessions involve ‘Sensory Sound Footballs’ and permit extra coaches, who help guide players with verbal cues encouraging passing in games. Warm-ups help players become more aware of their surroundings through touch and listening

Physical Impairments (PI)

Ambulant & Wheelchair Users

The term ‘ambulant disabled’ refers to people with a wide range of disabilities who are not regular wheelchair users. This could include, for example, people who have Diabetes, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis or more.

Our Wheelchair-user sessions have adapted rules, pitch sizes and are played indoors with bigger footballs. We cater for both manual and power chair use.

Our Locations

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Our FA Qualified coaching team run 14 Respect 4 All sessions throughout the week including Saturdays.

Sessions are FREE and require no prior sign up - just turn up & play!

You can download a PDF version of our timetable here.

More Information

The LFC Foundation is committed to providing inclusivity to all members of our community and coaching with warmth, professionalism, and expertise.

If you would like to know more about Respect 4 All, please contact:

Terri Ritchie
Inclusion Lead
T: 0151 432 5689