Over the past 18 months, the LFC Foundation has been building its Works brand. Works is the Foundation’s term for all 16+ employability provision. Currently we have 6 “works” programmes with funding from 5 different partners.  

Some key stats/ infographics of the impact from Works programmes in the community and to participants. Focus on impact areas associated with Theory of change.

Immediate outcomes:

  1. Improved mental health, Happiness & wellbeing.
  2. Increased positive attitude and future plans.
  3. Increased confidence, self-esteem & resilience.
  4. Improved transferable skills and like skills.

Long-term outcomes:

  1. Improved educational attainment & employability.
  2. Vibrant and prosperous local economies.

Check out this case study from one of our partcipants, Laura Hall.

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