Champion of the Month: January 2023

Congratulations to Delilah Williams who is our January Champion of the Month!

Delilah was nominated by our Premier League Primary Stars Co-Ordinator Scott Hoather for being an inspiration to other children whilst taking part in our programme.

Through Delilah’s time on the programme, Scott and the team have learnt that children have such a massive impact on their peers. It’s vital that we recognise this and help them to utilise their power to motivate, support and challenge their friends and classmates to strive for success.

Delilah’s commitment to the Primary Stars programme, after school clubs, supporting her classmates and representing LFC on national television will hopefully inspire children near and far. She has allowed other LFC Foundation coaches to see the importance of using children to support one another.

Scott said,

‘Delilah has been an inspiration to the Primary Stars programme. Her skillset in PE is tremendous and shows real ambition to strive for more. Delilah has a wonderful personality and her relationship with her peers allows her to motivate and challenge others. Delilah also attends the girl’s football after school club which includes children of a younger age group. She is seen as a leader in the group and is happy to care for other children who need guidance.’
‘Delilah was selected to represent the club, along with another LFC Foundation student, at the Premier League Juniors event for the Brentford v Liverpool fixture. Delilah was live to millions of Sky viewers and represented the club with a professional and warming manner.’

‘Her dedication to LFC Foundation and the Primary Stars programme makes our job so easy.”

‘This nomination is so important to Delilah and her school as it gives hope to children within the surrounding area. The school is home to children of many ethnicities and nationalities, including refugees. Seeing the success of Delilah, will no doubt filter through her school and the community, inspiring more children to represent our Premier League values: Be Inspiring, Be Ambitious, Be Fair and Be Connected. Delilah and the Primary Stars team are there to support and inspire children and teachers using sport as a platform. Delilah has shown that representing these values will not only support you in sport but also outside her school gates.’

Delilah said,

‘Primary Stars is an amazing experience to be a part of, especially our school - it’s a nice to have that opportunity. I’ve learnt a couple of skills, but I’ve also learnt to be kind and to be respectful to other people.’

‘I met Jurgen Klopp and interviewed him and then I went to Brentford to do some commentating on Sky Sports for the Brentford v Liverpool match. I feel a bit like a celebrity in school. I have gained lots of experience now, so I feel I want to be a commentator on sports.’

Jamie Wilson, Deputy Head Teacher of Delilah’s school said,

“Working with the LFC Foundation provides our school, staff and children with a wide range of wonderful opportunities. At Banks Road, we believe that anything is possible. Working with the LFC Foundation supports our belief and further develops children's confidence in our school motto, 'We can do it!'.”

For more information on our Premier League Primary Stars offering and how your school could get involved, please see our programmes page HERE