Celebrating 3 years of LFC’s #iwill social action programme

The LFC Foundation works alongside the National #iwill campaign to deliver a wide range of youth led social action programmes that empower children and young people to identify and tackle the issues that they feel passionately about.

The programme that LFC Foundation deliver within schools and our community hubs across the Liverpool City Region puts the children and young people right at the heart of the programme, involving them in the decision and planning processes from the very first session.

Take a look at some of our favourite social action projects throughout the last three years.

#iwill journey of Year 4 and 5 at Westminster Primary

The children at Westminster Primary were able to explore their community and identify potential areas of interest to them. They spent time learning about 4 different topics such as homelessness, pollution, drugs and Covid-19. They decided that they wanted to focus their social action project on pollution and do their bit to help the environment. Throughout the project, the children were able to learn new skills such as teamwork, public speaking, presenting and increased their knowledge on different topics that relate the environment around them.

‘I’ve had lots of fun and really enjoyed the sessions. I have learnt that one small change can help a lot.’

‘The project has been really good; we can all help make a difference with pollution.’

The group created t-shirts which highlighted the importance of looking after the environment and organised a school litter pick in Sefton Park in Liverpool. Well done team!

#iwill Journey of Year 3 and 4 at St Oswald’s

The children picked animal cruelty, the environment and knife crime as their main topics to focus on for their project. They were able to work together as a team and improve their social skills and ended the programme with a better understanding of the world around them.

The two groups visited Sefton Park at the end of their programmes to raise awareness of their chosen issues. They put up posters and left positive notes throughout the park. They engaged in conversations with local park users, who were very impressed by their work and the work of the LFC Foundation in doing these kinds of community activations. The groups also took part in a litter pick and fed some of the local birds and squirrels.

‘We had the opportunity to get out into the community and actually make a difference. This made us feel good and like we had helped others.’

‘LFC gave us the chance to choose. Made us feel important and gave us the chance to make things better.’

St Oswald’s Year 3 Teacher Mr Donaghy said,

‘Having the #iwill project in our school helped give the children a better understanding of the social issues within their community. It gave them the skills, knowledge and empowerment they needed to push for change in their lives and the lives of others. Not only did it help their social awareness and understanding, but it was also a fantastic way for the school to document to Ofsted how we are meeting benchmarks. It has supported the children through real life learning opportunities that are key to their development as active participants in their community.’

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Keep an eye out for more #iwill with LFC Foundation in the community as we work closely with our community hubs and Foundation programmes to help spread social action far and wide.