Champion of the Month: July

Congratulations to Nicole Carruthers, who is our winner of Champion of the Month for July!

Nicole was nominated by Shaun Preston, our Inspires Co-ordinator at the LFC Foundation.

The Premier League Inspires programme aims to inspire children and young people to develop personal sills and positive attitudes to succeed in life. The programme helps to support participants engagement using the theme of football and sport to improve their attitude, relationships and behaviour – increasing their ability to achieve their goals for the future.

Inspires Co-ordinator Shaun “Nicole has shown commitment to the PL Inspires programme by completing the tasks in her own time when the challenge was becoming difficult to complete by the deadline date. She also made sure everyone in her team didn't give up on the task".

“We have been working on climate change (sustainability) at Anfield Stadium, so it has been very important to encourage people to recycle.

“We asked students to complete questionnaires before and after the intervention and the results suggest that it has made a massive difference in and around the school. Well done Nicole for taking part in the programme!”

Nicole said;

The PL inspires programme was an enjoyable experience, as it was fun to learn how we put together a presentation and present it in front of many people. This programme has inspired me to not be scared to speak in front of others and to be confident. It was great fun to work in a team.

Nicole’s teacher, Mrs Reid continued:

The PL Inspires programme has been an exciting challenge for Nicole. The programme has taught her so many different skills which included, organisation, research, time management, working in a team and leadership. Nicole gave 100% commitment to the programme and demonstrated her leadership skills from day one. She organised her team and ensured that deadlines were met and was pivotal in encouraging her team member to keep going when they came up against difficulties. Nicole has been inspired so much by the work of PL Inspires and has also made new friends during the project and continues to use the skills developed in her everyday life.

Congratulations Nicole!

For more details about this programme and how your school can get involved please email Department Manager