Champion of the Month: June

Congratulations to Daniel and Callum, who are joint winners of our June Champion of the Month!

Daniel and Callum were nominated by Jenna Rice, Onside Coordinator for the LFC Foundation.

Onside is a school-based programme designed to up-skill and raise aspirations of pupils across Merseyside. The programme images to tailor the sessions to the needs of the pupils and includes both classroom and practical elements. The 12-week programme enables the students to gain accredited qualifications, both Prince’s Trist and a Sport Leaders qualification.

Onside Coordinator Jenna Rice said,

“Over the past 12 weeks, Callum and Daniel have attended every session with both boys recently taking an interest in teaching and often ask to help me with the delivery of presentations to the rest of the group.

I noticed their keen interest in teaching, so I decided that it was time for them to prepare and deliver their own presentations. The brief was to prepare a presentation on someone or something that was important to them.

Callum and Daniel wanted to focus on knife crime as both boys sadly experienced a loss to knife crime in November 2021. They focused on the impact it had through the eyes of a child, whilst exploring the direct and further impact on the community.

They both stated that ‘it is important for people to know about the issues and how it effects families.’ They delivered the presentation to a high standard showing dignity, compassion and sensitivity towards the topic. Furthermore, they committed and emotionally supported each other from the initial preparation and final delivery of the presentation.”

“Since being part of the LFC Onside programme, I have watched the pair overcome challenging barriers. They have grown in confidence, developed their communication skills and have highlighted how the programme has improved their mental health”

Callum said:

“I have learnt how to manage my emotions and I have enjoyed speaking to the class about my experiences, I think it’s important to show people how it is through the eyes of a kid”.

Daniel Said:

“It was good to support my mate and it was good to let them know about some of the issues that are going on in the community. It has also helped me deal with my feelings”

Class peers said:

“It was amazing to learn new things from them”

“It was inspiring to other young people”

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