Youth Panel: Anna's Case Study

The Youth Panel was set up as an avenue into social action for young people in the community and to help them become more engaged in social action projects.

To help people become more aware of the Youth Panel and the fantastic work they do, we sat down with 21-year-old Anna. She has sat on the LFC Foundation’s Youth Panel for over 2 years and has taken part in a number of Youth Panel projects including The 2021 Shoebox Appeal and the Garden Restoration project in Thornton. Here is what she had to say.

Where did you first hear about the Youth Panel?

I heard about the youth panel when my older sister was once a member. I attended a youth panel awards night as a plus one with my sister and heard of all the amazing things the members have been up to; this made me interested as it’s something I would like to be a part of. 

What made you want to join up?

The reward from helping others is very appealing to me and something I love to do. Knowing I can help others through the help of the youth panel is something that interested me to join.

How much do you think you think you have developed your own skillset since joining?

Since joining the youth panel I have grown as a person and become more confident in helping others. I have overcome things that I would not have imagined myself to do if asked on a normal day. Putting myself out there knowing it will eventually benefit others is rewarding, for example our charity walk up Moel Famau. 

What’s the best thing about the Youth Panel?

The best thing about the youth panel is the different ages of different backgrounds coming together to aim to get the same outcome in helping others & knowing we are making a difference in our community. 

Can you name one memory from your time at the Youth Panel that stands out as your favourite?

One of my favourite times within the Youth Panel would be helping people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, playing games from behind the screen on zoom and just keeping each other company without knowing when we’d next see each other again. 

Why do you think social action is important?

It’s important to have a physical presence within our community. Social action can impact your wellbeing and confidence & also improve the lives of others. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about taking part in social action?

One piece of advice I would give to someone thinking to take part in social action is to be strong willed and understand the different things people may go through in life, that they may be fortunate enough to not know.

#iWill co-ordinator, Rob Harper said: “We're really fortunate to have Anna as a part of the Youth Panel. She is so passionate about creating a positive change and helping others that are in need. Anna's humour, commitment, and enthusiasm to share ideas makes her a such a valued member of the group. We really appreciate the contribution Anna makes and are so thankful for all her hard work.”