Our #iWill team have been busy!

Welcome back to our #iWill wrap up! Here you will find all the latest information on the LFC Foundation’s #iWill campaign with local schools, organisations & youth groups.

Our mission is to empower the next generation, give them a voice and to inspire positive change in our communities and beyond! 

Look below at some highlights from the #iWill team since we last caught up with them. 

Year 4: St Oswalds 

The classes from St Oswalds School have banded together to raise awareness around animal cruelty and the environment. They decided to go litter picking in the local park whilst wearing t-shirts they designed themselves, reiterating their important message. 

Year 3, 4 & 5: Willow Tree 

Our classes at Willow Tree school have been working very hard on their campaigns. They decided to raise awareness and run a campaign against animal cruelty, by creating animal masks and t-shirts, along with posters that were displayed throughout the school grounds. 

Year 6: St Ambrose 

Students at St. Ambrose have carried on from their fantastic work from the last update and have again chosen the environment as the topic of their social action project. They made cardboard exhibits to raise awareness and educate others about the environment. 

Year 8: Lansbury Bridge 

Students at Lansbury Bridge chose homelessness as the topic of the class's social action project. The students chose to help Teardrops, a homeless organisation with a member of their staff attending two of the sessions. To raise awareness of the charity and homelessness in St Helens, the class decided to perform a sponsored bike ride around the school's cycle track whilst wearing specially made t-shirts. 

Year 5 & 6: Fairfield 

Classes at Fairfield picked animal cruelty as their social action topic and decided to campaign and fundraise for an animal charity. Year 5 ran a poster and t-shirt campaign, where they wore their T-shirts whilst participating in a sponsored obstacle course dubbed "Woof Mudder" to benefit the Dogs Trust. The Dogs Trust also paid a visit to give an educational assembly to the students. 

Animal Cruelty has also been chosen as the topic for the social action project for the Year 6 class. This class performed a sponsored run on April 1st to raise money for the Dogs Trust; and on April 25th they will make little bird and bug houses to benefit eco systems in local neighbourhood. 

Year 5 & 6: Belvedere Prep 

Students at Belvedere Prep also chose animal cruelty as the topic for their social action campaign. They sought to raise awareness around the issue by running a campaign to help educate others. Year 5 and 6 students collaborated on a comic strip to raise awareness of animal cruelty, proper animal and pet care, and what to do if you spot an injured animal. They also devised their own posters and t-shirts to promote their cause. 

Great work once again from our iWill team and our fantastic participants. Well done everyone!