Our #iWill team have been busy!

Welcome back to our #iWill wrap up! Here you will find all the latest information on the LFC Foundation’s #iWill campaign with local schools, organisations & youth groups.

#iWill is all about the Power of Youth. 

Our goals is to empower the next generation, to have their voices heard, to instil positive change in our communities and beyond!

Take a look below at some highlights from the #iWill team over the last couple of months.

St Ambrose Primary School

This week, Year 6 from St Ambrose Primary thought about an important issue that affects everyone and as a group, they’ve chosen the environment as the focus for their social action project. They came up with many ideas such as collecting litter, making feeders out of recycled items, and creating an awareness campaign about the issue.

St John Bosco Primary School

Years 4 and 5 of St John Bosco Primary School have chosen to raise awareness about animal cruelty. They decided to raise money for the RSPCA by taking part in a sponsored run. They will also create t-shirts with powerful messages and images to further spread awareness about their campaign.

Redbridge High School

Year 8 at Redbridge High School decided to plant flowers in the school garden and create their own flowerpots to support the environment. They will also make and paint bird feeders to place around the school to help feed some of the local wildlife that ends up in the school yard and they will also create T-shirts to raise environmental awareness.

Fairfield - 3AO

Class 3AO have started their social action project on the NHS. Over the next 6 weeks, the class have planned several activities to show their support for the NHS, including their poster project. The posters will spread a positive message of thanks to NHS workers for their extraordinary work and dedication.

Fairfield – 6SS & 6CA

Classes 6SS and 6CA have chosen to focus their social action project on animal welfare. Today the class decided to campaign and connect with Dogs Trust. In this session, students created social action superheroes and presented their ideas in a team planning activity.


Well done to everyone taking part, all of the ideas are amazing and we cant wait to see how they turn out!