LFC Foundation set to receive all profits from book, ‘Liverpool Football Programmes: The Definitive Collector’s Guide’

Author Andy Marsden has selflessly pledged that all profits will be donated to the Foundation.

Liverpool Football Programmes: The Definitive Collector’s Guide has been described as a “Colossal, metatarsal-crushing, limited-edition paean to Liverpool FC matchday programmes, and it’s been a labour of love for Reds fan Andy Marsden”.

For the first time, 75 seasons of Liverpool football programmes have been catalogued and assembled in one place. Starting as World War II draws to a close, the book takes you on a journey through the post-war history of Liverpool Football Club, a journey on which the matchday programmes are your guide.

Travel with the Reds on their early tours to the United States and Canada; discover the “forgotten tours” to Czechoslovakia, Sweden, and France; and share in their dreams of European conquest, starting with a bumpy plane ride to Reykjavik. Along the way, relive the dramas, the comebacks, the tragedies, and the heroics – and the strangest season of all, in which Liverpool, reigning Champions of Europe, were crowned Champions of England and Champions of the World. This book does more than tell you the history of the past 75 seasons, it lets you share in it and helps you make it your own.

Andy, who was born in Liverpool but now resides in Watford, wanted to give back to the city he loves. By donating all profits, the Foundation can continue to work in areas of high need and deprivation across the Liverpool City Region, aiming to deliver sustainable and long-term change for communities and to ensure that this work continues to benefit future generations.

The LFC Foundation would like to extend it’s gratitude to Andy for tirelessly working on this project spanning 5 years, and donating every single penny.

Hurry and get your copy whilst stocks last.