LFC Foundation’s Champion Of The Month

Millie, 20, has been a member of the LFC Foundation’s Youth Panel for 4 years.

“I was on trial with the Liverpool Women’s reserves playing football. It was there I met Dawn, the Volunteer Coordinator from the LFC Foundation and she encouraged me to become part of the Youth Panel, so I started volunteering from there.”

“The youth panel is a group of volunteers, currently the youngest member is 13 and the oldest is 24. The panel meets twice a month and aims to have a voice on everything and anything, in particular the needs in Liverpool and what social action projects we want to work on. We then plan what we are going to do and do it! So, if you are looking to make a change in Liverpool, I would definitely get involved!”

Millie has been an active member of the Foundation’s youth panel for over four years and is a shining example of dignity and compassion. Millie brings enthusiasm and commitment to every youth panel meeting along with a mature insight into the experiences of young people in the Anfield area. She has recruited new members, completed her level one coaching and fundraised over £200 for the LFC Foundation. Millie is a fantastic participant at the Foundation and echoes all LFC values

“We do walks and other things to raise money and highlight issues that are important and make a difference that way. I have previously raised £200 for the LFC Foundation and Owen McVeigh Foundation by abseiling down the cathedral.”


“We are currently focusing on homelessness and poverty. We are trying to make people more aware about the ‘hidden poverty’ in Liverpool and the Foundation really supports us to do that.”