Kickstart Sport Works - Case Study: Laura Hall

Find out how Laura benefitted from the Kickstart Sport Works 6-month placement

Kickstart is a Government initiative that is designed to provide young people who claim Universal Credit the opportunity to gain work experience to start their professional career journey.

LFC Foundation have collaborated with this initiative to lead their own programme called Sport Works in partnership with Regenda & The Learning Foundry – this is where young people between the ages of 16-24 can gain a six-month paid placement to develop valuable work experience skills. Alongside this, they will also receive employability sessions supported by the Foundation & The Learning Foundry, aiding them with key employability skills such as: interview preparation workshops, presenting activities and discussion tasks.

One of the participants on the course was Laura, 19. She was working as a HR Recruitment Administrator on her placement with responsibilities including: advertising vacancies, reviewing candidates and referring them onto management before finally interviewing potential new staff members. Laura fell into her new role and responsibilities very comfortably and enjoyed meeting new people who could help her learn more about the career she was developing in.

When Laura wasn’t on placement, she attended the employability sessions led by The Learning Foundry and LFC Foundation. The types of activities were based around work life scenarios where they were faced with team-based tasks and presentations. They were often challenged with deadlines to meet; for example, setting a time limit on certain tasks to ensure work was being completed efficiently. This helped the participants to become more proactive.

Laura was attracted to the course as she was interested in personal development and wanted a sense of direction in terms of career opportunities.


“We work with people who may lack confidence or maybe struggled in interviews previously. We try to get them to improve their public speaking skills so they feel more comfortable presenting and interviewing

Rob Fairfields

Employability Coordinator


The main skills that Laura feels she had developed the most were her confidence and the ability to meet new people and communicate. She explained that this has come from the combination of both the classroom tasks and within her role as HR Recruitment Administrator. She feels more confident to apply for jobs and attend interviews as one of her roles on placement is to interview new candidates therefore, she has “seen it from the other perspective”, so she can apply herself knowing what the interviewer is looking for.

The LFC Foundation has made an impact onto Laura’s life by giving her a sense of direction in terms of career goals. It was her plan to work within the graphic design sector however after gaining experience on the Sport Works programme, she is now pursuing a career in HR.

Due to COVID-19 a lot of Laura’s work has been virtual, and this is one of the skills she feels that she has developed. Having the opportunity to work remotely and communicate with colleagues with the use of technology is something that can be taken with her on her career journey. 


“I would recommend it as the staff are really helpful and support you gain skills. They guide you to a career that suits you.”


The programme has provided Laura with the opportunity to find a career she enjoys and would like to pursue in the future. Laura added how it has opened her eyes to understand not all people are against you, as the support she has received has given her a sense of self-belief.

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