The Drive Phase Podcast gets to grips with Liverpool FC Foundation CEO Matt Parish

matt parish

Coordinate Sport is pleased to present Matt Parish, CEO of Liverpool FC Foundation on the latest edition of The Drive Phase podcast. Host, James Moore will be chatting to Matt Parish about his 30-year career in football foundations across England and his current role at Liverpool.

Listen to the Podcast here:

Matt talks to Coordinate Sport about Liverpool FC Foundations strong international and national presences. Whilst maintaining their international appeal, it was absolutely essential that he kept their charitable status and regeneration for their local community at the heart of their work. Matt Parish added:

“I'm passionate about striving to give young people sort of equality of opportunity, regardless of what their background or the school or what home life they were born into.”

The podcast focuses on sports founders, leaders and experts and the story behind their business journeys on the diversity of careers in sport and the multiple journeys.

James Moore: "All organisations want to stay in the drive phase for as long as possible and continually grow and develop. This podcast is focused on connecting with and showcasing these industry thought leaders, Matt is a great example of this with so much knowledge and insight to share with our network of leaders"

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