Meet Asanti, a participant from the LFC Foundation's Virtual Mini Kicks!


As part of Foundation Day 2021, we’re celebrating the achievements of our participants.

The Foundation has been overwhelmed with the resilience, passion and loyalty each participant has shown on our community programmes, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Meet six year old Asanti.

Asanti has started attending the Foundation's Mini Kicks programme (Football for four to seven year olds) at the start of the pandemic. This means that Asanti hasn’t had the chance to attend a in-person football session with the team yet at one of our six Mini Kicks sites across the Liverpool city region.

However, this hasn’t stopped Asanti from improving her skills as a footballer, nor has it stopped her development, attending our virtual Mini Kicks sessions by Zoom every week!

Asanti ability has come on in leaps and bounds, which hasn't gone unnoticed LFC Foundation Coaches.

Mini Kicks Coach Ricky Heywood, nominated Asanti for a special, celebratory shoutout for this year's Foundation Day, saying;

“Originally, she was taking things slowly and participating but more in the background. But within no time, she had no hesitation in asking questions to the coaches on the virtual calls. We’ve got to know her and father Mosissa well over the months, and we've seen her confidence grow.”

Mosissa agrees, saying; “Asanti has always liked football. She’s improved a lot since she’s started the online sessions! She can’t wait to meet all her new footballing friends at the in-person sessions.”

When asked about how Mini Kicks makes her feel, Asanti said;

“‘I didn’t know any skills (before the sessions) and my coaches have taught me loads! And now, I’m really confident.”

“What made me want to join, is that, I really love football and to meet new friends. I would be sad if I couldn’t go anymore.”

We'd like to thank Asanti for her dedication and can't wait to coach Asanti and other participants in-person when it is safe to do so!