LFC Foundation makes commitment to Power of Youth Charter

milo poy

LFC Foundation, the Club’s official charity, has signed the Power of Youth Charter to empower more young people to take social action within their local communities.

The charter – signed as part LFC Foundation’s ongoing commitment to #iwill - provides a framework for organisations to empower young people to take action, make a positive difference and instil long-lasting change within their communities.
This framework consists of prioritising support for young people to take social action, working collaboratively with local organisations to affect change and providing those involved with the opportunity to participate within decision making, leading and shaping both the activities that they are involved in and wider organisational decisions.
In commitment to the charter, LFC Foundation will support young people into the #iwill programme and provide organisational governance opportunities for participants by creating pathways into the LFC Foundation’s Youth Panel and LFC Foundation’s Young Researchers’ Group.
Opportunities for young people will be developed through the LFC Foundation’s Youth Panel and communicated directly with the LFC Foundation’s board of trustees, ensuring that young people have a voice within organisational governance. 
The charity will work collaboratively with key stakeholders including local schools and youth and community groups to provide high-quality, inclusive, youth-led social action opportunities to a wide range of young people.
Recognition for those hard-working participants will be showcased regularly by the LFC Foundation via social media and recognised at an annual event held to celebrate the positive impact that young people are making within their communities.
To mark the LFC Foundation’s commitment to the charter, LFC Foundation director, Matt Parish met virtually with #iwill Ambassador, Milo, to talk about the power of youth and social action within the context of LFC and LFC Foundation.
Matt Parish, LFC Foundation director, said: “We are extremely proud to sign the Power Of Youth charter this week in aid of inspiring young people to take positive action within their communities.   
“By using the power of the LFC badge, we hope that our platform gives local young people the confidence to instil positive change and have their voices heard in a bid to make a difference going forward.”
The #iwill campaign aims to make participation in social action the norm for young people under 20. Only four in 10 young people currently participate in meaningful social action. Those from less affluent communities are much less likely to take part than their wealthier peers. LFC Foundation is passionate about changing this and using the power of the LFC badge to achieve it.