#iwillweek – Jamie’s story


As part of #iwillweek, LFC Foundation is shining a light on local young people who have used the programme to make a real difference in their local community.

#iwillweek runs from 16th November 2020 and LFC Foundation is celebrating the #PowerOfYouth, with young people raising their voices and taking action in their communities and helping to build a better future.
13-year-old Jamie joined the #iwill project in April 2019 and was part of the first cohort at ALSOP School.
Over the past 18 months, Jamie has immersed himself in the #iwill programme and has not only made a real difference to the local community but has developed his own confidence and leadership skills.
Jamie and his fellow #iwill peers have worked on various projects via the programme, focusing on important topics such as homelessness, animal cruelty and mental health.
Using his new-found confidence, Jamie encouraged others to be open about their emotions and feelings towards their communities and environment and inspired them to always appreciate the beliefs and values of others.
Jamie said: “I just want to be a positive person in the community and #iwill has given me more power to do that.
“It’s a programme that helps raise awareness for topics that we care about and I feel like people actually listened to us. We raised so much more awareness with our projects than we would have raised on our own.”
You can see more of Jamie’s story in our video here.
The LFC Foundation’s #iwill programme is a 12-week youth led programme designed to empower children and young people to identify, prioritise and tackle issues within their communities.

The #iwill programme gradually empowers young people to tackle societal issues or support good causes by methodologies including campaigning for change, volunteering, peer educating, peer mentoring or via fundraising for charity.
Social Action is at the heart of the LFC Foundation and is embedded across all LFC Foundation programmes.

#iwillLFC pledge

Inspired by our history and Club values, Young Reds / local youngsters have been finding their voice and making a difference through LFC Foundation’s #iwill programme, now they are inspiring local and global fans to do the same by making the #iwillLFC pledge and doing something positive no matter how big or small for their community.