What’s going on!? This week’s activities with #iwill…(6/11/2020)

power of youth i will

Welcome to our #iwill weekly wrap up! Here you will find all the latest information on LFC Foundation’s #iwill campaign with local schools, organisations and youth groups.

#iwill is all about the Power of Youth.

In partnership, we aim to give our youth the opportunity to use their voice and to engage in real life social action and change.

Our goals are to; empower the next generation, to have their voices heard, to instill positive change in our communities and beyond and to be the trailblazers of Social Action!

Together, we’re stronger!

This week, our schools returned to their social action projects with a bang! All our I Will projects are well underway & we’re excited to see our young people leading their sessions, creating campaigns & discussing topics that really matter to them! 

Here are an array of highlights from the week. 

A pledge to stop gang crime

Year 5 at Lawrence Road Primary are using their I Will session to explore gang crime and have spent time coming up with different ideas of how they can prevent people from joining gangs using the power of social action. From yoga sessions, to dodgeball, the class came up with some amazing initiatives to help people stay on the right path.

A pledge to Black Lives Matter

Year 6 at Lawrence Road have also been busy building on their social action project for Black Lives Matter. Currently on week 7, both Year 6 classes have been building up their campaign ideas in groups & planning different activities. 

Year 6O have planned to create a banner outside of their school gates for BLM along with creating their own mini awareness video for their social action project. Year 6W even have plans to create their own rap music video. The year group plan on creating t-shirts, posters and organising an ‘own clothes day’ to support a sponsored sports afternoon in their school sports hall! 

A busy week of social action for Blessed Sacrament!

Blessed Sacrament are in full swing with their social action projects. 

Year 3H have chosen to focus on Addiction (drugs & alcohol) and this week have begun planning the next steps of their project which includes writing their own song to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction. They have also discussed an educational video and informational leaflets to help with people’s understanding of addiction. 

Year 3MK chose the NHS as part of their social action project and have spent time this week writing letters to either patients or NHS staff to give them words of kindness and encouragement during these difficult times. They also designed either a mask or a mascot!  

A pledge to help stop Animal Cruelty

Children at Malvern Primary were busy this week as they completed week 7 of their social action projects!

One class have focused on animal cruelty and plan to organise a sponsored run supported with a ‘name the teddy’ fundraiser. They also came up with the idea to create a video to raise awareness of animal cruelty which we think it a great way to get your story across and connect with your audience. They’re also planning their ‘own clothes day’ & putting up posters around the school so other children can learn about animal cruelty too!

We love hearing updates from the schools involved in our #iwill social action projects. LFC Foundation believe in the Power of Youth and that young people have the talent, energy and ideas to create real, positive and forceful change in the world.

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