What’s going on!? This week’s activities with #iwill…(30.10.20)

whats going on i will

Welcome to our #iwill weekly wrap up! Here you will find all the latest information on LFC Foundation’s #iwill campaign with local schools, organisations and youth groups.

#iwill is all about the Power of Youth.

In partnership, we aim to give our youth the opportunity to use their voice and to engage in real life social action and change.

Our goals are to; empower the next generation, to have their voices heard, to instill positive change in our communities and beyond and to be the trailblazers of Social Action!

Together, we’re stronger!

A pledge to create a safe space for art!

During the Half Term break, the #iwill team have spent time with local youth development charity, Positive Futures, to provide workshops for groups of local teenagers.

The aim of Positive Futures is to support young people to achieve their potential, as they believe that everyone deserves a chance. Through their open access, targeted support work & personal development interventions, Positive Futures are able to work with thousands of young people in North Liverpool every year.

On Monday, a group met with local councillor Roy, so that he could learn more about the group’s Social Action project, based around a pledge they had worked together on.

To stop vandalism in the local area, by creating a space where people can graffiti and spray paint, creating amazing artwork legally and in a safe environment. The group worked with Roy, developing amazing ideas about how we can make our communities a better place for all.


Remembrance Day

On Friday, two groups at Positive Futures took part in creative activities about Remembrance Day.

The juniors had lots of fun, colouring and decorating poppies, while learning about the significance of the flower and what it resembles.

The senior group crafted their own Remembrance Day poems, never forgetting those who gave up their freedom for the people of today.

Milo, an inspiration to all!

Here at the LFC Foundation, we believe in raising up the voice of our youth.

We’re extremely proud to work with local teenager and #iwill ambassador Milo - a huge inspiration to our #iwill team and participants when they learn about his story, his knowledge of Social Action and real experience in leading positive youth action on a national scale.

This Sunday marks the opening of the ‘Make Your Mark Campaign’, led by the UK Youth Parliament, which Milo is a member of.

The #MakeYourMark campaign is the largest consultation of young people in the UK, giving them the power and voice to vote on key national topics.

We believe in the Power of Youth and that young people have the energy, talent and ideas to create real, positive and forceful change in the world.

If you’d like to find out more information & how to get involved in ‘Make Your Mark,’ click here.

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