Kicks Inclusion participants take part in the Kicks Football + project for the first time

Kicks Inclusion participants at Derry Matthew Boxing Academy in city centre

This week was the first time our Kicks Inclusion participants have taken part in our Kicks Football + project, which is designed to give our participants the opportunity to develop key life skills and take part in a zero-judgement group learning environment.

Our first activity was provided by Daisy UK, a Liverpool based charity, who ran an inclusive sports session which included lots of fun activities such as blind throwing and catching, blind football and even some wheelchair relays! 

It’s amazing that there are charities out there like Daisy UK who can provide opportunities for our disabled community and offer them a safe space to be active and have fun with no judgement. 

Our Inclusion participants also took part in a boxing fitness class courtesy of a local professional boxer, Jazza Dickens, down at the Derry Matthews Boxing Academy in the city centre. The participants loved getting in the ring and learning some new moves! 

The final day of activities saw our participants take a trip to the National Football Museum where they enjoyed a guided tour of all the different football memorabilia as well as sharing their football memories and discovering the impact that football has on all of our lives.

If you're looking to get involved in our Kicks Inclusion sessions, we have our Summer Football Festivals across August as part of our Summer of Champions. 

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