Case Study Report: LFC Foundation x FIFA Kicks Football Experiences throughout lockdown

LFC Foundation x Kicks Football Report

With the intentions of identifying where the LFC Foundation can improve their provision, PL Kicks Football Manager Tony and his team set about creating a feedback opportunity for their participants, giving youngsters the opportunity to voice their opinions of the Foundation's FIFA activities provided throughout lockdown.

Below, are key insights highlighted from the anonymous data collection. These are based on 9 responses (47% of participants).

Key Responses:

We asked participants to rate their overall FIFA experience with the LFC Foundation. This resulted in a 4.56 rating.

All participants rated their FIFA experience either Good or Great:

When asked what they liked most about the FIFA fixtures, leagues and tournaments, a high number said that they liked the competition, the experience and playing against other people.

  • "I really enjoyed the competition and playing against lots of different people" P1

Others said that it great to still be involved with the LFC Foundation Kicks programme even though they were unable to leave their house and play football.

  • "It gave me something to do during lockdown at a time when I couldn't play football" P7
  • "Good fun, great idea. I liked playing and being involved with kicks remotely." P5

Most participants said that their favourite moment during the FIFA games was scoring goals and winning.

  • "My favourite moment was winning the semi-final game" P1

Others said that it was something to look forward to, and also that the emotions generated during FIFA games felt similar to a real game.

  • "I just enjoyed having something to look forwards to" P7
  • "The pressure of the games (even pretend), felt like a real match. Strange!" P6

Most respondents said that they benefited from their FIFA experience and enjoyed having contact with LFC Foundation during the lockdown.

  • "It was good to have contact with the Foundation" P6
  • "It was a good experience to take part in" P3

When participants were asked what they missed about the Kicks sessions all of them reported that they missed playing football and seeing friends. Other comments included;

  • "Taking part in fixtures and tournaments" P7
  • "Having fun" P9

When participants were asked what their biggest challenge was during lockdown responses included being bored, not being able to socialise and play football with friends.

  • "Not being able to play football with my mates" P7
  • "Family shielding, so seeing lads going to fields, parks, beaches etc over past few months was tough." P5

All participants who responded said that they want to participate in more FIFA events run by LFC Foundation. They also reported that they would recommend our FIFA league, tournament or festivals to their friends.

Luke, has attended LFC Foundation’s Premier League Kicks sessions at Anfield Sports Community Centre for over two years.

He participated in every FIFA experience provided by the Reds’ official charity during lockdown, blowing the competition away in a series of impressive performances.

The young Red also competed on a national level through the Premier League Stay At Home Cup, representing the LFC Foundation against other Club Community Foundations across the country. In his age group, Luke dismantled the opposition to become this year’s champion.

We spoke to Luke about his achievements, his experiences with Kicks, how he's coped throughout lockdown and a few LFC related questions:

Q.    What was winning the Premier League competition like?

“It felt really good to win the Premier League Competition. It's good to compete with the best.”


Q.    What was the best moment?

“Winning the Semi-Final of the PL Tournament was my favourite moment, as this was my most difficult fixture.”


Q.    What do you enjoy about the Foundations Kicks Football sessions?

“Just being able to play football with my mates every week.”


Q.    Who’s your favourite Liverpool FC player and why?

“My favourite LFC player is Trent Alexander-Arnold. I like the way he plays and even more because he is from Liverpool.”


Q.    What else have you been up to during lockdown?

“I've been trying to keep up my daily exercise and doing school projects. In my spare time, I've been playing PlayStation online with my mates.”


Q.    Finally – where and who will you be watching LFC’s remaining games with?

“Usually, I would be going to some of the games with my Dad, who is a Season Ticket Holder. But because of Lockdown, I'll be watching the remaining games at home with my family.”


After seeing the results of the feedback, Tony said;

"It was great to see that the participants had enjoyed the variety of FIFA opportunities we provided throughout lockdown.

We now know that there is appetite for Kicks participation beyond our football sessions and we look forward to providing more chances for a greater number of our participants, taking this data on board to improve what we do.

We all can't wait to get back to Kicks, and we're so pleased that our participants have been staying safe and following the rules."