LFC Foundation all set for #iWill Week 2019... Power Of Youth!

LFC Foundation Power of Youth

Just 5% of adults think that young people today are very likely to take part in social action and only 4% selected “selfless” from a list of adjectives to describe young people today. In fact, 60% of young people have taken action to help other people or the environment in the last year. As our society faces a number of pressing challenges, we cannot afford to dismiss young people with lazy stereotypes. Nor can we overlook their contribution towards making our country a better place.

That’s why the LFC Foundation, as a partner of the #iwill campaign, is celebrating #iwill Week, 18-24th November.

#iwill Week is an opportunity to shout about the positive change young people are creating in communities across the country, as volunteers, mentors, campaigners - and much more.

There are 13 different schools that are engaging in the LFC Foundation's #iWill Week, with a schedule 20 activities planned by the groups to address numerous topics of interest the youngsters have chosen.

This includes; Mental Health Awareness, Homelessness, Poverty, Elderley Isolation, Environmental Pollution, Knife and Gang Crime, Racism & Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse, Animal Cruelty, Vandalism, Bullying and Youth Voice.

There will also be over 9 local community groups and organisations that will engage our #iWill Week Campaign, such as; Anthony Walker FoundationThe Whitechapel CentreCarla Lane Animals in NeedBully Busters and more!