LFC Foundation participants Adam and Charlie meet hero, Gini Wijnaldum!


Meet Adam (19) and Charlie (20), two gifted young men from Liverpool who both aspire for highly successful careers in the world of business and finance. Sandwiched between them, is Liverpool FC Champions League Semi-finalist / goal-scoring hero, Gini Wijnaldum!

The youngsters are participants of the Leadership Through Sport & Business Apprenticeship Scheme, a social mobility charity supported by the LFC Foundation who help transform the lives of young people in the city.

Both were invited to Melwood Training Ground for outstanding work within the course and their proactiveness in supporting the LFC Foundation through numerous volunteering opportunities.

LTSB’s two-year apprenticeship scheme is designed to help bright youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds establish high-level careers.

Rewarded for their efforts, both sat down for a unique experience with Gini and had the chance to discuss numerous topics with LFC’s number 5, including; football, career highlights, inspirations, motivations and general life advice Gini had for the younger generation.

Upon gaining their composure (and got over the fact they have met their hero!), the youngsters began their Q&A…

Q: Who are your footballing inspirations?

GINI: Zinedine Zidane, Clarence Seedorf and Ronaldinho.


Q: How has Jurgen improved you as a player?

GINI: I am now more of an ‘all-rounder’.


Q: What is your career highlight so far?

GINI: Finishing 3rd with my team (Netherlands) at the World Cup 2014 and winning the Eredivisie with PSV (Eindhoven).


Q: What is your biggest motivation?

GINI: Playing football itself is my motivation.


Q: Do you have any advice for children and young people?

GINI: Persevere! Working hard is key and find something that you enjoy, as it gives you extra motivation to do more.

Gini enjoyed the experience of meeting both Adam and Charlie and was really interested in hearing about the LTSB scheme and their involvement with the LFC Foundation.

After photos were taken, Gini returned to training in preparation for the Champions League semi-final, in which Liverpool FC beat AS Roma 7:6 on aggregate, reaching their first Champions League Final since 2007.

Both Adam and Charlie are huge LFC fans and were asked about their experience with Wijnaldum…

Adam: “I was absolutely ecstatic! It has always been a dream of mine to visit Melwood and meet the players. Gini had some really inspiring advice for us.”

Charlie: “After interviewing Gini and experiencing Melwood first hand, I felt surreal. Gini was really down to earth and looked like he enjoyed the interview which made me feel even better.”

This experience came about through the donation of a valued supporter of the LFC Foundation, Ian Pearce. After bidding for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet & greet Gini Wijnaldum, Ian donated the experience back to the LFC Foundation, so that two participants in our LTSB programme could experience this opportunity instead.