Run for the 96 5K Training Plan

Run for the 96 5K

The LFC Foundation coaches have designed a four-week, introductory 5K training plan for those new to running helping you to be race ready in 4 weeks time.

Please note:
  • The schedule below are for guidance only. Everybody responds differently to exercise so listen to your body and stop training immediately / seek medical advice if you feel dizzy, injured or unwell. 
  • Don’t over train and try to avoid training two days in a row.  On two of the three rest days you can incorporate other exercises (cross training) such as swimming, cycling, yoga or aerobics – whatever you enjoy.
  • Building up your training slowly is really important. Don’t try and run too fast at first and aim to train at a pace where you can still hold a conversation. 

Good luck – the LFC family will be cheering you on at the start line!

Beginner: Suitable for those new to 5Ks and are planning to walk and/or jog the route.