Youth Panel

Launched in January 2019, the LFC Foundation Youth Panel is a group of youngsters of different backgrounds and ages that not only participate in LFC Foundation activities but have been nominated as leaders to represent the youth voice our charity.

Selected from a variety of LFC Foundation projects, each member has demonstrated a desire to make positive change on behalf of the young people we engage with every day.

This means that each of our key impact areas; Wellbeing, Skills and Communities can be embedded in the long-term thinking of our youngsters, but also give each individual on the panel the chance to advise our Management team on; what works, areas to improve, new ideas and how to better engage youngsters.

Aims of the Youth Panel

Meeting once a month, the discussion is always youth led and guided by Project Lead Andy to highlight key areas of interest the Group could provide solutions to, helping with focus to enable a bigger impact.

The Panel hopes to address a variety of social, economic and environmental topical issues that could be within existing projects or surrounding areas and help create potential solutions and then act upon their ideas.

Our impact so far!

Youth Panel decide colouring competition winner!

Recently, the Youth Panel helped decide the winner of the ‘Mighty Red Colouring Competition’, a children’s creative competition in which they were asked to colour an image of Liverpool FC’s mascot for the chance to win a signed LFC shirt.

The group created their own selection criteria that judged the entries based on creativity, style and …..

Over 50 entries had to be viewed, in which 4 runner ups were selected alongside a final winner. From this, the youngsters improved their teamwork skills through group deliberation, their ability to organise and their creativity in decision making.

You can find the full article here!

Join our Youth Panel!

If you're interested in becoming a Youth Panel member, you can email Andy and explain why you want to help project the youth voice of the LFC Foundation!