Liverpool Football Club’s commitment to safeguarding…

We are fully committed to national and sport-specific safeguarding standards across all our football teams and our official charity, Liverpool FC Foundation.

We do this by adopting a club-wide approach, delivered by a team of trained staff from across the Club and Foundation to understand the needs of vulnerable groups, including children. We comply with the rules and requirements of the FA, Premier League and NSPCC.

Our work is evidenced through a robust seasonal external auditing process, driven by the Premier League and EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan,) which are aligned to national standards. We take safeguarding extremely seriously.

If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child or vulnerable adult, please email or call one of the LFC Foundation Safeguarding Team Members below.

Alternatively, please contact the NSPCC hotline, which is supported by the FA and is available 24 hours a day on 0800 023 2642.

Download LFC Foundation Safeguarding Matters Children and Young People Policy

Liverpool FC's Safeguarding Policy

Download LFC Foundation Staff Code of Conduct

LFC Foundation Safeguarding Team

Name: Karl Carney
Designation: Sports Development Manager
Contact Number: 07874 777 995

Name: Nicola Fryer
Designation: Associate Safeguarding
Contact Number: 07780 226 978

Name: Andrew Hanlon
Designation: Mental Health Programme Lead
Contact Number: 07724 700 454

LFC Foundation 8 Safeguarding Standards

There are 8 Safeguarding Standards the LFC Foundation adheres to in total, summarised as follows:

Standard 1: Every child is respected without discrimination

All staff, volunteers, the children and parents sign up to the club’s own code of conduct. There will be an equality and an anti-bullying policy.

Standard 2: Every child’s wellbeing is promoted, supported and safeguarded

  • Volunteers and staff display & apply the LFC Foundation’s values & behaviours at all times
  • Procedures are in place to deal with any concern about a safeguarding issue and such matters are to be dealt with promptly and in the child’s best interests
  • LFC Foundation has a Safeguarding Team who are the point of contact who a child/parent/volunteer/staff can approach or speak to if worried about a child

Standard 3: Every child is protected from abuse when taking part in our sports

  • All volunteers and staff are aware of and have signed up to the LFC Foundation Safeguarding Policy and there are procedures in place when there is a safeguarding concern
  • Those working with children have attended mandatory FA Accredited Safeguarding training
  • There is a disciplinary procedure in place for dealing with misconduct by a volunteer/staff member relating to a child

Standard 4: Every child has a say in our sports

  • Children are aware of the code of conduct
  • Children are given opportunities to have a say about decisions involving them
  • Children are aware of what to expect from the adults who safeguard, promote and support their wellbeing.

Standard 5: Volunteers and staff complete appointment and selection process to be considered suitable to work with children

  • Anyone involved in working with children are subject to a full DBS check along with providing 2 references.
  • New recruits and volunteers must pass a thorough safer recruit interview process consisting of specific Safeguarding competency and behavioural questions.

Standard 6: Volunteers and staff working with children are well supported to deliver at LFC Foundation, while ensuring children’s rights are respected

  • All volunteers and staff complete an induction covering all relevant child protection policies and procedures
  • Training is promoted on both child protection and anti-bullying
  • Ongoing support is provided to staff and volunteers to promote, support and safeguard children’s wellbeing

Standard 7: LFC Foundation is managed well and accountable for keeping children safe

  • Written commitment from the board of trustees acknowledging accountability for the implementation of child protection policies and procedures
  • Awareness and understanding of safeguarding issues for children in sport
  • Clear management structure in place ensuring accountability at all levels through strict escalation process
  • Awareness and escalation flow process of Multi-Agency services

Standard 8: LFC Foundation evaluates how it safeguards children and makes improvements where necessary

  • All child protection concerns are recorded, with our Safeguarding Team reviewing regularly
  • Safeguarding Team hold monthly update meetings
  • Child protection policies and practices are reviewed every 3 years, when guidance changes or following an incident